What is it?

A specialized training system for quality inspectors, sorters or operators using sensory data such as visual inspection or flavour tasting to accept or reject a product.

As the pioneer and inventor of the Human Calibration method, Crystalline Solutions we have dedicated over 2 decades to working with front line, test laboratory and shop floor inspectors to correctly evaluate physical attributes.

Our patent pending Human Calibration method recognizes the fact that every individual views things differently. Each person brings their unique bias, subjective opinions and personal preferences to each decision they make. It is effective for all forms of sensory inspection: Visual Attribute Inspection, Visual Sorting, Onganoleptic Evaluations, Tactile Inspection including “Mouth Feel” and Acoustic Evaluations.

"the decision made on borderline or marginal products during manual attribute inspection has more to do with the inspector than the product"

Crystalline Solutions Human Calibration Training Principle #1.

We classify each individual into one or more of four categories;

An “over rejecter™”

An “under rejecter™”

“accurate but not repeatable”

“repeatable but not accurate”

“90% of manufacturers use some form of visual or sensory inspection as part of their quality system - 100% experience some form of over and under rejections, it is unavoidable without calibrating the individuals”

Crystalline Solutions Human Calibration Training Principle #2.

The Human Calibration method is a series of exercises involving inspection of parts for visual attributes.

The session focuses on identifying an individual’s inspection accuracy and repeatability when compared to a known standard and most importantly to themselves.

By identifying how each individual processes inspection instructions and applies those instructions to inspecting parts, we can classify individuals into one or more of the 4 categories. Once classified, our Human Calibration technique will highlight, magnify and re-enforce the positive aspects of each individual’s inspection decision making, while correcting any negative aspects.

The individuals will perform hundreds of inspections, re-enforcing good habits and highlighting bad ones. The human calibration feedback system allows your inspectors to correct bad calls in a safe, private and non threatening way.

“Inspector errors cannot be corrected using negative re-enforcement, it just makes it worse…”

Crystalline Solutions Human Calibration Training Principle #3.

Typical RIO's average less than 1 shift for the software solution, 1 month for the inhouse training.