High Internal Reject Rate?

Too many Customer Complaints?

You Need Human Calibration!

Finally there is a way to correct one of the most difficult issues with manual inspection and sorting - inconsistent and incorrect decisions made by individual inspectors or operators.

These errors cause both high internal rejection rates and customer complaints.

With over 20 years in development and shop floor testing the Crystalline Solutions “Human Calibration” method effectively corrects Alpha and Beta Inspection Errors which occur during visual inspection and sorting.

For companies, “calibrating” your inspection employees will reduce customer complaints and operating costs immediately. Imagine if...all of your quality inspectors called the same part the same way.

For individuals, “calibration” will make you more employable as a manual inspector, sorter or operator and make your existing job easier.

Our newly developed downloadable “Human Calibration” software makes correcting Alpha and Beta inspection Errors faster and easier than ever…

What is an Inspection Error?

Each individual inspecting a part has 2 options…accept the part OR reject the part.

Each part can either “meet the inspection criteria” OR “fail acceptance and require rejection”

Therefore, there are 4 possibilities as shown in the table below:

Alpha Errors increase operational costs (rejecting a good part). Beta Errors cause customer complaints (accepting a bad part).

The Human Calibration method corrects both types of Inspection Errors.

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